An upcoming, original zine project featuring the coexistence of two mermaid worlds; fresh water and the oceanic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a zine project?
A zine is an anthology of works by various creators based on a central theme or topic.
What is the focus of this zine?
This zine will feature mermaids (and merfolks) of original design in the collision of two worlds; fresh water and oceanic water.
What is the content rating of this zine?
Our zine is set as a mature content zine.
While we will not be allowing explicit sexual content, non-sexual nudity and cartoonized gore may be present.Will this zine be for profit or for charity?
Our zine will be a charity project, with any funds made after production being donated equally to Ocean Conservation and Charity: Water.
What is the age requirements for contributors?
We are asking all contributors be 18 years of age or older when applying to our project.
Will contributors be compensated?
All contributors will be guaranteed a digital version of the zine, with any digital merchandise. Our goal is to be able to send every contributor a complete full bundle, including a physical zine and all merchandise, if sales allow.


Head & Social Media Mod
I've been a big fan of mermaids since that one movie from big company [REDACTED] back in the day!Zine Experience
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Shipping Mod
I love the kind of mermaids that don't look like princesses. I want them to look like creachers.Zine Experience
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Writer Mod
They are my friends <3Zine Experience
Writing Mod for Luka Couffaine Zine; Comms Mod for Replique Genshin Zine; Writing & Graphics Mod for Blood&Jupiter

Graphics Mod
i would like to be submerged in water 24/7. i never grew out of the kid in a swimming pool pretending to have a tail phase.Zine Experience
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Head Artist & Art Mod
Fish go BlubZine Experience
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Finance & Production Mod
Zine Experience
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Interest CheckSep 15th - Oct 15th 2022
Contributor AppsOct 31st - Nov 30th
Acceptance EmailsDec 7th - 8th
1st Check-inJan 20th 2023
2nd Check-inFeb 20th
3rd Check-inMar 20th
Final SubmissionsApril 10th
Preorder OpeningMay 1st
Preorder ClosingJune 15th
Production & ShippingEST Fall 2023